all about me

hello there! i’m marissa. i am what most people call a girly girl. i like tutus and pink and puppies and lace. just don’t call me a priss. i grew up with two older brothers and have the scars to prove it. i have a passion for fashion (rhyming is fun..) but my style is varied. i like to pair my lace dresses with a good leather jacket or tough lace-up booties. i also like baking, but i hate cooking. i’m addicted to pinterest and celebrities. i’ve been a ballerina longer than i can remember and i am an avid painter. i can look at a picture of a hairdo and replicate it exactly, but i can’t do makeup to save my life. my greatest worry in life is that i will have a less than mediocre career and the commandment i break the most is gossiping. i like just about all music. as entertainment, put some music on and watch me dance. i may be able to do a triple pirouette, but i can’t dance at parties to save my life. i love watching movies and i have an unhealthy addiction to reality tv.

if you’ve read this whole thing, you must have a really great attention span. or at least one better than mine.




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