a lovely little wishlist

ok, so it’s not that little. maybe it’s a tad long. but here is what i’m lovin’ right now:

1. this necklace is adorable. end of story. kate spade has always been one of my favorite places for accessories, but i’m totally crushing on their new shop, which they call the idiom shop. i call it the shop of perfection. each item has a different little inspiring or pick-me-up message. other cute ones include a bracelet with the words ‘rain or shine’ engraved and a very colorful bracelet. you will soon learn that rainbow is my favorite color.

2. this dress is so gorgeous. i can already imagine it with tall brown boots, some big chandelier earrings, and a pretty braid. it’s such a pretty dress on it’s own, that it really doesn’t need a big parade of jewelry and accessories and perfectly blown out hair. the colors are gorgeous and would look good on every skin tone.

3. this is only one of my favorite animals combined with one of my favorite activities. HEDGEHOG MEASURING CUPS?? no way! yes way. because it’s from anthropologie, and that place is perfection. just look at his little face! i’m sure it would make any cupcake recipe taste better. now, i might be a little worried my little babies would break, but i’m sure they’re just as cute as decoration…

4. i’ve become minorly obsessed with pins lately, and this little deer is no exception. this store on etsy is one of my favorites–it also has some gorgeous clocks that i’m in love with. but these little pins would be perfect for a little gift that doesn’t break the bank. plus, there are the best adorable animals. elephants, fawns, and hedgehogs, oh my!

5. sometimes i really wish i was a cool kid with lots of parties to go to. because then i would buy this dress. it’s just so sparkly and gold. it is a perfect alternative to a lbd for your holiday parties. it would look great with some black mary janes. but really, no one would be looking at your shoes too much when you’re wearing this gorgeous dress.

6. these bow-detailed leather gloves from ted baker are pure adorable. i’ve been begging the fashion fairy for a pair of cute leather gloves and these definitely fit the bill. they would look dreamy with a long camel coat….

7. i love anything cozy and knit. this sweater is no exception. ok, so maybe it’s a little out of my price range. but this is a wishlist, right? it would be amazing with a red mini and navy booties. i do always have a fear of buying things with gems because they tend to fall off, but this sweater would be worth the countless hours of sewing. you know the people on ‘what not to wear’ who say they just want to dress comfy? i want to show them this sweater. cute and comfy? this is a surefire pick of amazingness!

8. i love this leather skater skirt. you can dress it up with pumps and a glittery shirt, or dress it down for day time with boots and a fur vest. either way, skater skirts are super flattering because they should hit you right at your teeniest part of your waist. the skirt is short and fun, but it’s not too skimpy because it’s not a tight bandage skirt.

9. this retro bag would be a great compliment to any outfit. it’s bright and fun and not too overpowering. they have it pictured with a girl who is going out, but it would be just as cute for a little weekend stroll with a patterned dress and oxfords. it’s also big enough to hold all your stuff, but it’s not bulky.

10. i smelled this perfume when a lady forced it on me, so i was expecting to hate it. i’m very picky with perfumes, but i was happy to have this one sprayed on me. it’s called ‘la petite robe noire.’ so, not only is it called the little black dress, the name is in french. can it BE more perfect? as a girl, perfume makes me feel extra pretty. it makes me hold my head a little higher and if something you want doesn’t do that, don’t buy it.

so when you’re off buying presents for everyone you loved, don’t forget about yourself. or me. i mean, if you don’t want it, i’ll always take it 😉 but also be thankful for everything you already have. it’s almost turkey day, y’all, and do you know what that means?? black friday is soon. my bags are ready…




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